Define value differently!

A monumental journey of insight and action towards corporate and consumer social responsibility. Hundreds of exceptional youth, thousands of dedicated professionals, millions of committed followers; ONE shared destination: SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS!


Objective:  To create an economic culture where socially responsible behavior is ubiquitous in the pursuit of a productive and harmonious relationship between mankind and nature and inclusive of all parties.



WHY:   Corporations and consumers must embrace widespread sustainable behaviors in order to preserve a healthy social, economic, and ecological future.  Many companies claim to be proponents of socially responsible behavior.  In reality, only a select few take action and implement sustainable initiatives into the fabric of their daily operations.  Consumers ultimately drive corporate behavior thru their personal buying decisions.  It is critical, for the ranks of those who make purchases based on the sustainability factor of a product or service to continue to grow.  An immediate and productive dialogue between corporation and consumer is needed to energize this movement toward socially responsible action.


HOW:  Provide a high profile, scalable and public forum for meaningful conversation about sustainability between; companies actively implementing socially conscious initiatives, students from the next generation of corporate leadership, non-profits driven by socially responsible missions, and similarly aligned consumers from all walks of life.


WHAT:  Awake Aware America is a powerful digital and physical storytelling platform, that facilitates intellectual exploration into the major sustainability issues facing society today.   The program offers corporations, future leaders, advocates and consumers a forum in which to engage in scalable conversations, about how best to solve these pressing societal ills.


BENEFITS:  For corporations it is a powerful communications tool from which to build positive brand awareness, engage in meaningful dialogue with constituents and customers and capture increased market share in the emerging new economy.

For the next generation of leaders, it provides an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the fundamental issues that will shape their future, while empowering them with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in meaningful professional careers.

For cause driven non-profits it serves as a organic fundraising tool that generates consistent operating dollars with which to further their mission.

For the consumer it provides a dynamic venue to obtain unbiased information about critical issues free from advertorial filters and a platform in which to engage with the brands they support.  And for those communities who have historically born the brunt of non-sustainable economic decisions, it provides a seat at the table of discourse.